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Finally, a blog of my own. Been trying to create one ages ago, especially after I noticed that I somehow lost my flair of writing..ouch!...that bad huh...ya, to me it's very bad, and to make it worse I noticed too that I can't seem to reflect my thoughts in writing properly. I am definitely not a writer but I love reading. I have lost that too....reading I mean ...nowadays I find it so hard to concentrate on my reading. I think I'm getting so lazy...and I hate that's just not me, I bought a few books recently. Thought I could get myself to sit down, relax and do some reading, guess what, I barely reach the second chapter...either the book hates me or I lost myself somewhere.

Lately I'm more in to baking & cooking new recipe. Fan of Nigella & Martha Stewart. Did a few of Nigella's recipe & yes...the recipe turns out to be faboulous esp Nigella's brownies & chocolate cheesecake. Yummy......I can rave on, and on, and on......

Since this is my first posting and still new with all the instructions around here, pls ignore the bored layout. Let me do some furnishing & decorating for my blog first ya. it a day...will try to get pictures in my next posting. Oh yes...the last two weekends, me and some friends went out to Lundu & Sematan. Both places are about 100km away from Kuching City. Managed to snap some nice pictures (my standard la..hehehehhe) not a professional one, just an amateur taking pictures using my Motorola V365.


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