Beautiful & peaceful

I took these pictures while waiting for my friend who was showing a potential buyer who wanted to have a look at this piece of land. While they were climbing away, I just sat down at one of the boulders & took these. It was so peaceful ...and I couldn't help smiling as I saw some beautiful butteflies chasing each other. It was definitely a beautiful sight. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture those beautiful moments. I love the clear water of the stream though...This particular spot is somewhere in Lundu. One more thing, there are a few durian trees, mango tree, buah mata kucing, pokok buah terap & some others. These were a few that the owner mentioned and showed us then.
Actually, ada lagi gambar2 lain but was taken from a different camera. Nantila, aku update lagi. We proceeded to Sematan after that and manage to visit an oil palm plantations which is about 23 acres. Owner wanted to sell this piece too. Took some pictures too but I mostly took the unrelevant pictures.hehehehe...know what I mean when you see the pictures later.
Pictures will be in the next update ....


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