I was unable to update due to loads2 & loads of stuff to be cleared plus, my boss came back from travelling. And my evenings were busy with something else...For the last couple of days, I've been surfing the net and stumbled upon a few nice templates. I intend to change the current template very soon, getting bored with this one. Need some help from fellow bloggers. A name just popped out right now. Probably I'll call her later. (Aiyoo! writing is so monotonous la....garang jak bunyi eh...heheheheheh) Need to lighten up a bit la!!! I do realised that with the creation of this blog, I am bound to some kind of commitment (with myself of course) to update it every now and then. I have not officially informed my friends about this blog though. I suppose I can do that at a later stage. This blog needs a lot of touch-up. I guess for the time being, it'll remain my personal playground. (sigh!).


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