Half of the geng (Lynn, CT, Noor, Misi, Kak Ma, me, Djen, Su & Reen)

Geng2 Canselori

Me & Sue..Notice the green and my freak for green (sigh!!)

Closed friends in the office, Sue, me & Reen.

In the midst of updating my blogs with pictures etc. At the same time, I keep on updating just to get my blog going. You may noticed that some of the entries are incomplete. Hehehehe.. at the time of writing, along the way I sort of loss for words, so?...naturally I just abandon the entry for the time being till the thoughts return...(grinning...) wish they have the emoticons too here..urgh...would be nice to have some smileys here apart from the pictures.
These pictures were taken during a farewell dinner for the Big Boss. The dinner was fun and we performed 'Poco-Poco' for the guest.


Cokelatrawkz said…
gambar bila ya?? masa secretary's week ka???
Nur68 said…
first of all, tq so much for dropping by dear, gambar ya masa farewell dinner to the big boss, kamek org perform poco2 for him..ehehehe...

anyway so far this year, I belum pegi for any secretarial conference yet, last i pegi ke langkawi, sidak UUM organised conference..
cekputeh said…
Kak Ann, farewell utk boss pun gempak camtu...waduh..waduh...annual dinner apatah lagi ya...hehehhe

Mestilah kan..bknnya calang2 org yg di farewell kan..hehehe
Nur68 said…
CP...itula pasal...baru farewell dah gempaq giler...kalau annual dinner tu lagi kot....;)

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