Today is definitely not the day I would look forward to actually. The last few days was chaotic to me and Mbok, myself busy with convocation and Mbok being pressed with a lot of things especially on some of our deals. But yesterday was considered the ultimate. After getting a few hints and clues here and there, both of us were finally struck with the hard truth about this guy. We were practically shoved around making things easy for him and and by the end of the day he would be getting the fruit of our labour. How pathetically sick and gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both of us were fuming with anger. Well!!! This has to stop and if he has something up his sleeve, both of us has our own "tricks" too. Urggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!...I hate it when this happens. Of all the people we've encountered and work with he was the last person that we thought would be the main culprit or villain. Actually nak, mun nya sik tamak gilak eh, dah 2 - 3 igek dah deal masuk. ....eeeeeeeeeee!!!..geramnya aku!!!!!!!!!!!!

No wonder la aku terfikir nyuruh Mbok cc setiap sms dgn partnernya, lately. He was practically jumping like a monkey when he knew about it. Serves him right!!!!.


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