Counting the days

It has been 3 weeks since the accident and my car is still in the workshop till now. I missed my car so much and it's so difficult trying to get things done without having one. How I wish the workshop would speed up the whole thing. I called AIG last Monday and was told that the workshop should have fixed my car in about a week only as the accident was a minor one and yet it's coming to the third week already. I'm supposed to be angry with the whole thing but I'm just too tired to even lost my temper over that. I just called the workshop last Tuesday, at first Ms Pang (the lady at the workshop) was a bit reluctant when I asked about my car, and when I told her that I called AIG earlier on, unbelievably(I thought so but I knew the mention of AIG made her jump of course!!!...) she asked her towkey about it. She told me to call back later, I insisted that I would wait while she called for her towkey, a minute or so later, according to her towkey, they need to spray my car for the final touch and asked me to call back in 2 - 3 days' time. I'm counting and today is the 2nd day. I'm itching to call the workshop today. Should I call them?...


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