Received sms from a travel agent 1341 hours just now.

Sms from Mei Mei: U hv T house address?..

Me: (laughed heartily) when I saw the sms

Called M & the following conversation follows below:

Me: Hello darling!..(giggling again)

Mei Mei: Hami su chabo?....(watsup girl)

Me: (giggling again) Your sms lor, I can't give you the address(giggling again), I don't know which one lor. I have the official one, the other non-official one, I don't know, so how? (giggling again).

Mei Mei: (giggling away at the other end) aiyooo! I forgot la ho...sori la chabo....kesian u...

Me: Ya lor...i takut nanti i give you the wrong address meant for the wrong person, mati o like that.... I suggest you call himself and ask him which one.

Mei Mei: ok Amoi...sorry ho!...(laughing)

(Everytime I think of this, I would giggle and smile quietly. Just another day in a secretary's diary)


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