Too tired

Messy table, huhuhu...after 3 days away from the office, that's how it is....
Sweet cake from Japan, mcm kek lapis Sarawak pun ada, rasa pun mcm kek lapis juak. The flavour is green tea, nice n yummy.

Another sweet treats from Japan - rice cake

Beautiful bouqet for Su's birthday yesterday given by Reen. Just love the fresh roses and cherries

Felt so lazy to go to the office today. After the last session yesterday, my body was aching all over, my feet are just killing me. Went home, took a nice long cooling bath and doze off till morning. My chest hurt a little, it's a normal thing to me, whenever I'm too tired, my chest hurts but the pain will always disappear whenever I take a long rest and good night sleep. Woke up at 0500 am this morning feeling much better though still feeling tired.

By the way, rindok jak nak ngkah irrelevant pictures kat atas ya, just for fun, sik tauk nak ngkah gambar apa gik. Please ignore the quality of the pictures taken ya.


Cokelatrawkz said…
OMG sis!! I always love to see what people have on their desktop and it always make me feel, Gooood!!

ur phone on the CPU, it's hillarious. the sentimental touch of the picture of you and ur good buddies, I suppose. oh ya, and some people, they don't like to put their stationeries inside a pencil holder but to keep them inside the pencil bag as if they further study but they are not.. so unique!!! I want to do that but it's too cerewet to do.

3 days like that? My desk is everyday like that, if 3 days? People can't see me sitting there lah. hahahahahah... yes, I love messy place. :D
Nur68 said…
hehehe...dearest coki...ya, whenever i see our pictures, it makes me smile, tension2 pun senyum jak for my stationeries ..I always love to put them in a pencil bag and u know what, i just love to see the bag bulging with stuff tho some of the pens are for the phone on the CPU...sik tauk siney gik mok ngkah tepon ya deng...ngkah ajakla, convenient for me to grab it boss pun pernah comment, he was clueless where to put the phone in the end it's n icely tucked under the table on top of the CPU...luckily meja yg cermin bah...

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