Noni AF5

Adik Jepung at Simply Sedap, Tabuan

I'm at loss at the moment, my car is still in the workshop, I missed my car so much. The last weekend was quite hectic for me, I slept over at my friend's house, she brought me here and there to help me with my errands, sent me home. At home, cleared my laundry and the weather was sooooooooo hot. Happy to hear that Noni was coming over to perform at Kuching Waterfront last Saturday evening. I didn't go because I don't fancy myself being in a big crowd like that. My sister took some pictures and recorded her performances. At home, same time, I prepared Chocolate Brownies for her, she loves chocolate cake I was told.

Finally met her on Sunday, picked her up from the hotel and brought her for breakfast at Simply Sedap, Tabuan. Fortunately, the place was very quiet when we came so Noni was able to enjoy her breakfast peacefully.


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