As my fingers are tapping the keyboard, I was trying to figure out what shall I put as the subject of my posting today. Feeling a little bit disturbed this morning when I received a call from somebody just now, I began to think and recap all the things that I've been through all these years. Let me just refer that somebody as "A". When I look at it, the karma of life is doing its cycle now and obviously its payback time for "A". From the voice at the other end, I could somehow detect the uneasiness in "A's" voice. Somehow there were more words that "A" wished to tell me but I was aloof and cold. Why so? Mmmmmmmmmmm. After all these years and everything that has happened, why wouldn't I be? I still have the same respect towards "A" but things are just not the same any longer.

Years ago "A" made a decision that changed everything. His decision somehow created such a chain reaction that everybody was badly affected.

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